About Skillverse

Skillverse is a web3 Edutainment platform to support and motivate more people to PLAY, LEARN & EARN together.
Through solving the challenges in gamification, players of Skillverse can enjoy fun at the same time with improving knowledge, self-training in solving logic, visibility, processing,… and then earn the rewards.

Future of Skillverse Metaverse

Skillverse’s ultimate goal is to provide a METAVERSE of PLAY, LEARN & EARN for everyone to enjoy Edutainment. In the Metaverse of Skillverse, a wide range of game matches and tournaments will be organized, where people can at the same time playing game, gain knowledge, up-grade skills and earn income as rewards.


SKV: Governance Token
SKV is crypto token which is limited supplied. SKV is the main token in Skillverse ecosystem and used for the governance, payments, staking, trading assets on market place.
SKILL: Game Token
SKILL is crypto token which is unlimited supplied & issued through the activities in Skillverse app. When a learn through question/answer section is completed or a puzzles logic challenge is solved, the Skill token is issued. The more SKILL token issued on market, more neuron is activated
Skillverse is currently under development, thus, Whitepaper could be change anytime.