Earning Mechanism

In Solo Mode, the player will have a Daily Energy Limit and a Daily Token Earning Limit. Once the users reach the limit, they will not be able to earn more.
Daily Energy Limit
A Hat of a player starts with 2/2 Energy. The maximum limit a user can receive for 1 Hat is 20/20. Players can increase energy when buying more Hats or increase the quality of Hats.
Daily Token Earning Limit
Users can earn up to 5/5 SKILL per day at the start. The maximum limit of the number of tokens a user can earn per day is 300 SKILL and 50 SKV. Users can increase their Daily Token Earning Limit by upgrading their Hats.

Solo Mode Mechanics

Earn = Turn x (P.A + P.C.A.C)^system Value x PointC.E x SpeedCE x Durability x randbetween (parameter1, parameter 2)
TURN (N) = number of times a user can participate in a game
P.A: Player’s Hat Accuracy
P.C.A.C: Player’s Hat Accuracy Coefficient (Charm/Socket)
System value: Value Set by the game developer, subject to change
Parameter: A range of system values
PointCE: point bonus based regarding on the right answer during the game
SpeedCE: the total time for each game completes the answer per allowed time
Durability: adjustment factor, Durabilty <50% = 0,9 or Durability <20% = 0,1

Mystery Box

Mystery Box value are affects the rate of dropping a Mystery Box:
Mystery Box Value (MBV) = N x (P.L x P.L.C) ^ System value 3
  1. 1.
    P.L: Player Hat luck attribute
  2. 2.
    P.L.C: Player Hat Luck Coefficient (Charm, NFTs)
Mystery Box Quality (MBQ) = V x randbetween(Parameter 1, Parameter 2) x Y
Generally, Mystery box Quality is defined by:
  • Hat luck attribute
  • Energy use in one single session