Marketplace is where NFTs, including Hats and Charms, are traded between users.

Trade System

Player can buy and sell NFT Hats, Hat Box and Charm on the in-app Marketplace.

Rental System (under development)

The rental system helps those who do not yet own NFT to rent, participate in the game, and receive rewards.
Users can easily rent a hat from the marketplace. To get the right to rent NFT to play, users must agree to all the rental terms. When the rental procedures are completed, the NFT will be sent to the lessee within 24 hours.
Rental contracts can be extended up to 7 days. If the lessee does not follow the Lease provisions, their credit rating will be reduced by one star.

The Smart Contract will provide income under the Lease Agreement whenever the lessee ends a session in Solo Mode. The income of both the lessor and the lessee is fixed (TBD). Additionally, the leaser will receive credit points for each successful Lease.

Credit Score (coming soon)